Meet the Team

Amelia the GM

Our dedicated manager Amelia is at your service, ready to ensure every aspect of your dining experience surpasses expectations. Amelia has been with us for nearly a year now and has shown a true commitment to customer satisfaction! From personalized recommendations to addressing any preferences, she is here to make your time with us truly exceptional. Amelia is at the forefront of our business and is leading the way for the whole team.




Nick Maclennan

Meet the visionary behind our establishment, Nick Maclennan. With a passion for creating memorable experiences, Nick is bringing a unique blend of creativity and dedication to the business. From conceptualizing the concept to ensuring every detail reflects his commitment to excellence, our owner's vision sets the tone for the welcoming atmosphere you'll enjoy. Nick is very hands on and you will see him traversing all areas of No4. Welcome to a space crafted with care and a passion for exceptional hospitality.